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Job Network
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Talent sign is a Chinese "line + line" composite recruitment services model creators and leaders. It is not only for employers and job seekers to provide comprehensive online recruitment services, and provide a powerful recruitment line support, including the nationally known on-site job fairs and "recruiting special section," unique in the country to form a "network + Council + News" Three in one mode of the composite recruitment services, able to recruit employers to provide a comprehensive overall solution, and effectively enhance the recruitment and job search success rate.

The Talent Network, including the features are

        E-map navigation - Talent Network and Mapbar cooperation, can travel around the business address of the route, the navigation around the inquiry;

Mobile Internet Services - Talent Network mobile phone version, and the two versions of real-time docking site for data, synchronization operations, strengthen enterprise information mobility, wireless nature of communication, improve the user''s information transmission rate and the interaction between users at any time Jobs anywhere to meet the needs of users

  Resume recommend appropriate - Talent Network service manual search through the resume screening the latest registered user-specific recruitment requirements to meet people, recommended to the user;
more account management - talent network with multiple branches or departments for the user provide account management functions to meet user focused, decentralized recruitment needs, the user account administrative rights using the total demand distribution of each sub-account by the authority;  

One to one service - combined with rich human resources experience, put a lot of energy, in the pre-sale and after the whole process, developed to provide users with customized recruitment solutions, guidance and services throughout the recruitment monitoring one on one hand services. ....       

 1, online products:
  Member Services: business users to become a member of Talent Network, you can enjoy the released Jobs, query resume, receive job applications and other services personnel.

 Advertising Services: According to the requirements of business users, planning and design professional, eye-catching, and a variety of job advertisements to attract a large number of job seekers came to browse jobs significantly increase the exposure of users to effectively strengthen the recruitment effect.

2, the line products:
 ☆ Recruitment Fair      

☆ recruiting special section